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Alface Rentals was established since 2012


Improve the return of your apartment benefitting from Lisbon’s excellence for tourism. Occupation throughout the year with no need of having to search for new tenants (long-term rentals).


Your house is available; you can block for yourself the calendar. It is only necessary to coordinate agendas in advance with Alface Rentals

Full service:

Help to Preparing the apartment to start for short rentals. Owner does not have to worry about anything: I advise the material / equipment needed, I prepare an inventory and if necessary I take care of the decoration of the apartment (with a fee for this service). If necessary we can advise and help you on process of contracting with utilities (gas, electricity, cable tv).


Effective Promotion:
I select and place your apartment in the best tourism engines in order to maximize occupancy. My experience has given me contacts from customers and international network.


Customer focus: 
I answer our customers on time (within 2 hours) namely to customer inquires and requests during their staying, we take care of reception / check-out, and payments. All this, giving a special touch of Portuguese welcoming natural character I take care of all it is necessary to keep the apartment ready, from contracting cleaning, to co-ordinate laundry and to control the apartment so the guest arrives with to a perfect flat.


Variable payment: 
I earn when you earn. Imake everything to turn your flat a success. This success will be good for you and also for me since we earn a commission on your income.

Alface Rentals

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Tel: +351 919 134 220

Alface Rentals - Rent your place in Lisbon

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